Thursday, 17 December 2009


The view always captivate me when I went to jog. Subhanallah.Take a look at these pictures especially to Cleo. Next time I will bring you along and we can enjoy the moment together. By and bye, I also insert the extremely delicious ais kacang from Restoran Sahabat. Remember that my dear friend?? Always the best from Penang.

( scene from below the dam)

( joging far as eyes can see)

(Entering the forest. Frequently I went there. Cannot go there alone, have to bring company. Plus this trip, its the second time of entering it.)

( Magnificent view from the side of the forest)

( View from above the dam)

( If going in the morning, it feels like walking in 4 season country)

( The best ais kacang in Penang...every Irshadian must have known it. But some doesnt know the existent. Poor they never treasure every bit of the area. Nasi goreng ayam Pak Cik Lan, tom yam Pokok Sena, pasar malam Wednesday nite life, bazaar Ramdhan, KB . They always remain near my heart in remembrance of our friendship from the past years)
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cleo (クレオ) said...


Ayu, its great to have a peek at those gives me 'something' actually looking at the picturesque scenery...

Thanx for sharing it here, so that more people now know beautiful places in Penang. Good job, my dear.. :)

And, yes, I still remember our favourite Ais Kacang Sahabat... always take our precious time 'lepak-lepak' with Dayah Yahaya, Yana, Chot, Nadz etc... I missed those moments when all of us gather and talking 'bout nonsense... :)

cleo (クレオ) said...

And I'm so sorry I cant join you girls last reunion, I have other commitment at that particular time.. I'm so sorry...

Insya-Allah, I'll be able to join you girls in 5 years Wait for me at that time to send all of you invitations for a very grand reunion, insya-Allah... d\^_^/b

ayu said...

whats 'something'? May i know? Penang always bring fresh memories to us all. I forgot to bring camera when i went to Penang Island. If i could capture the nite view it will be breath taking pics. Theres a cruise stop by to pay a visit.

I will always look ahead for the upcoming grand reunion for us girls exIrshadian.

Ukhuwah fillah abadan abada... luv u lots...

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