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In most speculations said,the major factor of suicide is stress. Here,I add some information to approve that stress is not only the factor of suicide.

In my opinion, besides stress,another factor that related to suicide is mental disorder or schizophrenia.
This is based in the fact
"Other disorders found more commonly among those who committed suicide include substance disorders and schizophrenia. Even for those who have previous history of mental illness, their psychiatric condition may not be the main precipitating factor," said NSRM principal investigator Dr Nor Hayati Ali in an interview of Bernama . Dr Nor Hayati further explained that high suicide incidence among psychiatric patients had been associated with social factors such as living alone and substance misuse(

In addition,drug addict is one of the factor of suicide.Let’s take a look at some of the possible causes of suicide to see how addicts could be more vulnerable to this tragedy. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), substance abuse counselors need “to be aware of depression and suicide risk in their adolescent patients.”Young people are at risk. University of Pittsburgh doctors Thomas Kelly, Duncan Clark and others observed that from 1991-2000, 87%of the drug abusing adolescents they studied who had attempted suicide were also diagnosed with major depression. Among those who did not try suicide, 40% were diagnosed with depression.(


Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Research question number 2

It is really, people kill their self because of brain?. In my opinion, i think people who make suicide it is because by mental germ. Mental germ is caused a pathogen that can be identified and treat nor a viral or bacteria infection that can be readily observed. The effected organ is, of course, the brain, and many mental illness are associated with changes in brain chemistry. But the etiology, or cause, of mental illness remains largely unknown. . (

Many college students have experienced the result of caffeine overdose while studying for exam, it is unlikely that this form of "mental illness" is serious enough to warrant treatment covered by public program or private insurance. major depression, on the other hand, can be debilitating in the extreme and often includes suicidal thoughts or actions. Untreated, it can literally end in death. More often hand, it leads to a life of increasing dysfunction at home, at school, or in the work place. It is clear that this form of mental illness is serious enough to warrant treatment and that effective treatment should be made available through private insurance or through the public mental health system.

On 9th 0ctober, 2008, WHO has launched its action programme in Geneva, the mental health Gap Action Programme (mhGAP) which aims at scaling up service for mental, neutrological and substance use disorder for countries especially with low and middle income. The programme asserts that with proper care, psychososial assistance and medication, tens of millions could be treated for depression, schizophrenia, and epilepsy, prevent from suicide an begin to lead normal lives-even where resources are scarce. (

Sunday, 24 January 2010


Now, lets continue with our next research question. What are the factors related to suicide behaviour among university's students? As we can see from the picture above, we can make a speculation that it is the work of our own brain that contribute to suicide action. It is our own brain that we control who create this famous factor of suicide, i.e. STRESS.

From the WHO statistic, it is recorded that stress or depression is in the eighth place among ten important diseases. Stress can lead to mental illness. Among university's students, there are always factors among them that can lead to mental illness. According to Minister of Health, Chua Soi Lek, the factors to mental illness are surrounding, psychology, biology like chronic diseases, stress, lack of rest, unbalanced diet, and socio-economic.

For example, a UM's student, a Chinese girl, commited suicide by jumping from the 16th floor of her condo. She was a seventh semester Science's student. It has been said that she was looking for a job in Genting. She had been sacked from the college and had not register for her next semester. From here, we can make a speculation that she was facing a hard time in her life and seem could not cope up with the harsh time. Thus, she had made a decision to end her life.

Last but not least, from my point of view, I can conclude here that it is the work of our own brain that contributed to stress. Furthermore, lack of support from trusted individuals also made students felt hopeless. These feeling of hopeless and loneliness in handling one's own problem can really bring individuals to make a regretable decision in a lifetime. So, what say you my dear friends?

To read more about the factors of suicide, you can go to this web (

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Wednesday, 20 January 2010


Wow!!great opinions from my friends..thank you for your responds.Here,I will add some information about the rate of suicide..

First of all,after discussing with my friends,we agreed with my opinion that male contribute more to suicide cases than female especially men who has married..The fact about this case is:"out of the 113 suicides reported in the second half of the year(2007), 82 were men, of whom 41 were married", the official Bernama news agency said, citing figures from the National Suicide Registry.The remaining 31 cases were committed by women, nine of whom were married(

In our previous post about the student died in Pendeta Za'ba College because of contribute suicide,there has been speculation said that she was chased by her imaginary monster. Besides that, many students assume this student stress about her life in campus.

Then,about the rates from Yeen and Ayu, I agree with them. Both rates are accepted and we will put that facts in our assignment.

So, we had finished discussed about the first research question of our project. After this, Ayu will proceed for the second research question.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Research question number 1

Yes, i agree with Ayu. Recently, suicide's case among student were worst. In my opinion, they can not face with challenger on their life, so they take a short way with suicide. Most student interviewed after making a suicide attempt say that they did it it because they are trying to escape from situation that seemed impossible to deal with or to get relief from really bad thought or feelings.

Some people who end their lives or attempt suicide might be trying to escape feelings of rejection, hurt, or loss. Others might be angry, ashamed, or guilty about something. Some people may be worried about dissappointing friend or family members. And some may feel unwanted, unvolved, victimzed, or like they 're a burden to others.

Actually, suicide is not a crime. However, police in Malaysia are considering arresting people who attempt suicide as a deterrent to stem the rising number of people killing themselves, report the BBC's Robin Brant. It is because the health minister has said publicly that there are on average seven suicides a day ( I think that good idea to avoid this case increase.

Saturday, 9 January 2010


As to response to the post made by Liza, I agree that despite a surging economy and promise of a brighter future, the number of people killing themselves has surged especially university's students. In the research made by WHO, suicide is the third cause of death for those who age among 15-34 years old which include university's students.

About the College Za'ba's student who commited suicide, there had been a speculation saying that the student was being chased by an Indonesian worker. Some of the students admitted they heard more than one person running footsteps along the corridor before the incident. Who knows what really happen?

If we follow this link
( the suicide rates in 2006 shows increement compare to 1960. It is estimated 20-30 people among 100 000 people commited suicide in this country.

In a speech made by YB Dato' Dr Chua Soi Lek, Ministry of Health in the Mental Health Seminar, he said there are differences between the rates of suicide among races in Malaysia. It is reported that the highest suicide rates are among the Indian, then followed by Chinese and Malay.

However, I disagree with Liza about the fact that young male are much more likely to commit suicide. In my opinion, if we consider the suicide cases among university's students, female students are likely to commit suicide. There are two cases which involved UKM and UM's students last year. Both of them are female. In the National Morbidity 2006 also said that women are likely to commit suicide trial compared to men. Thats all for now.

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Friday, 8 January 2010



Well,as introduction to our project,I want to discuss first about the rate of suicide among university's students in Malaysia.
Did both of you remember about the suicide case happened in Pendeta Za'ba College(a week before we registered in UKM)?That is one of the example of suicide among university's students. According to sources who knew about the tragedy, the cause of that tragedy was because of stress.

But do you know the rate of suicide?
According to (,young adulthood (from age 20-24,which can be classified as students) conquer the statistic of suicide rate by 12.1 per 100,000 deaths.Also, young male are much more likely to commit suicide than the young females by 20.3 per 100,000 deaths.

From the second article,(
13.7 percent teenagers in this country,especially students,face the mental disorder which bring to commit suicide(Bernama, 15 Nov 2006).
Before I proceed to another article,I will wait for my friends' opinion about the rates of suicide.

Sunday, 3 January 2010

[ Untuk Mu, Duhai Wanita ]

Dengan Cinta Yang Maha Esa
Assalamu'alykum buat semua

Sebelum memulakan post Cleo kali ini, ingin sekali Cleo memohon keampunan ke hadrat Ilahi atas segala dosa yang pernah dilakukan mahupun yang pernah terlintas dalam hati kecil ini.

Dah lama rasanya semenjak Cleo post dalam LR. Mungkin kerana terlalu sibuk dengan pelbagai tugasan tambahan, termasuklah kepeningan permulaan sem. =)

Kali ini, tiada yang istimewa bagi Cleo untuk dikongsi bersama para pembaca LR. Cumanya, akhir-akhir ini, Cleo sering mendengar beberapa keluhan daripada rakan-rakan berkaitan wanita. Tak kira lah sama ada pendapat mereka ni positif atau negatif. Setiap manusia Allah kurniakan ragam dan pemikiran yang berbeza-beza. Kita tiada hak untuk menyangkal atau menyanggah pendapat daripada sesiapa pun.

Jangan lah tersalah tafsir pula bila Cleo menulis sebegitu. Kita tiada hak untuk menyanggah, tetapi kita masih diberi hak untuk mengeluarkan pendapat yang sebaiknya untuk memberi peluang kepada sesiapa yang mendengar itu mengambil dan menganalisa setiap bait kata-kata kita. Kerana itulah, dikatakan :

Setiap kata-kata mu itu adalah dakwah.

 Dan daripada kata-katalah seseorang itu dapat dinilai kebijaksanaannya berdakwah dengan penuh hikmah.

Oh, dah lari jauh nampaknya Cleo ni. Hajat di hati bukan lah ingin berleter panjang, hanya ingin berkongsi satu atau dua link berkaitan wanita. =)

Cleo rasa, cukup lah setakat ini dulu perkongsian kita pada post kali ini. Ya, bagi Cleo, setiap bait-bait dan kalimah-kalimah pada posts di atas amat menyentuh hati Cleo. Tambahan pula diiringi musik latar. : )

Semoga dengan perkongsian kali ini, kita sama-sama mula melangkah ke arah kebaikan.

Tidak kira lah siapa diri kita,
Lelaki mahupun wanita,
Muda ataupun tua,
Kerana di sisi Tuhan yang Maha Esa,
Kita semua adalah serupa,
Yang membezakan kita hanyalah iman yang dijaga.

Renungkan-renungkan lah ~

Salam sayang dari
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For this semester, I will use this blog for my English for Social Science project. So, by and bye we (me and two of my teamwork) will use this blog to exchange informations and ideas on 'Suicide Among University's Students in Malaysia'. If anyone out there who always view this blog and happen to have any compliment or comment to make, you are all welcome to do that. But make sure it is in English since we will be using this blog for English for Social Science. So, every posts (including my pictures) that we will post are all on behalf of this project and have no other intention whatsoever. Please react to all the posts positively and we are open to any comment to upgrade our English usage. May it be useful to us and everyone out there.
Our research objectives are:
1) To investigate the suicide rates among university's students in Malaysia
2) To find out the factors related to suicide among university's students in Malaysia.
3) To determine on ways to overcome the suicide among university's students in Malaysia.
Thus, here are the research question that we will be answering:
1) Are the suicide rates among university's students in Malaysia are increase?
2) What are the factors related to suicide among university's students in Malaysia?
3) What are the ways to overcome the suicide of university's students in Malaysia?

As for a start, I will introduce myself a little bit. My name is Nurhidayu binti Rosli. I am from Penang. I am taking Political Science course under Faculty of Social Science and Humanity and this is my second semester in UKM. I was born in August 8,89 ( this is important so that my peers know how August people work things out ;P). Thats all I think for now. Hope we will enjoy our project as much as I hope. May Allah help us. InsyaAllah.

I am Nor Azreen bt Che Kamarudin. I was born in August 2,89 in Kota Bharu Kelantan. I am staying at Rahim Kajai's college. My course is social work under Faculty of Social Science and Humanity. I am 1st year and this is my second semester in UKM. I join this topic with ayu and liza as a group. I hope we all can success with this project.

I am Norhaliza binti Basiron, I was born in October 10,90 in Johor Bahru. Now,I am in semester 2 in Social Work programme under Faculty of Social Science and Humanity. As I study in UKM,I'm staying at Dato' Onn College. With cooperation with my two beloved friends, I hope our project work will be the success project.

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(3.30 a.m)
Last night, when everybody might get interested in watching fireworks, I grabbed the opportunity to wait and watch the half moon eclipse at 3.24 a.m. I waited and waited, but I couldnt see the moon as the cloud covered it. But I would not blame the cloud because cloud bring rain and I love rain. So, I stayed motionless waiting for the eclipse to happen.

At about 3.30 or something, the cloud shifted and I could see the moon. See that in the picture above? Well, that was still early of the phenomenon. Thus, I waited for a little while. My roommate also got up, but she headed to the toilet instead making an inquiries. She always ignored what I was up to. Chill out Wani!

When the moon was really got between the sun and the earth, the phenomenon was absurd! Subhanallah.It was my first time seeing this phenomenon and only Allah knew the feeling that surrounded me. I recorded it in the digi-cam. I went to the fourth floor to get a better view but then ran back to my room barefooted because of the weird noise that the store made. Huhu...what a chicken.

(during the eclipse)

~Al-islamu ya'lu wala yu'la 'alaih~
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