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I'd just finished my Log Horizon's marathon two days ago. So here it is. After living the first and second season, I'll have to say, I'd give 3 out of 5 stars.

The story line is good. Just good. The plot and all, kinda expected and unexpected too. Thank God it didn't remind me of Sword Art Online because SAO was about gamers using VR console but for Log Horizon, they're just using normal gaming PC. And of course the main character is a guy, not some school boy.

The characters, now the characters are cliche. All types of normal anime characters that should have in an anime was there. BUT, a twist for some like Shiroe - someone looks like a nerd BUT he's actually a scary and the best strategist. And most of the characters were also grown ups. In SAO, most of them were teenagers. And, they have a lot more classes than SAO. Let's see. Four main classes: Warrior, Weapon-based, Healer and Mage. Than three more classes for each of them makes it twelve classes of characters.

Nah, agak-agak kalau tak ada jadual macam ni, boleh faham ke apekebenda yang dicakap masa tengah fight tu? Haha. Dah la belambak macam ni, disumbatnya semua 2 season dengan berapa kerat episod tu saja. Belum kira yang dari pemilihan Races and Subclasses.

And then, characteristics. Agak fun juga each one of them. Boleh la. Makes me laugh on rough days jugak la.

Ehm, than goes to values. Tak berapa nak upmh sikit values yang cuba ditonjolkan ni. Tak macam SAO or Naruto or One Piece or Samurai X or Samurai 7 or others. Ada, there are moral values the artists want to put in but - kind of - tak ditekankan sangatpun. Sekali lalu, this anime more to telling the story of the game and how to survive the evolving situations.

Anything else? Oh yes, the characters really were dashing. Maybe because it's gaming world, so anyone could choose their preferred appearance, right? So, yeah. They looked perfect. Hahaha.

So that's it. Will update more later on. Ciao.

P/s: I think I will have to revoke all the other authors. They aren't contributing anymore. So back to old times, this blog will be mine again.

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