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So far, I agreed with all the details that Yen has pointed out. However, I have a different view on ways to overcome suicide among university's students in Malaysia. I think its a practical way and quite interesting. I've been thinking about the most influental ways to overcome the feeling of commiting suicide quite few days. That's why I did not respond to Yen's post as soon as possible as I always have done before this. I was trying to search for any clues everywhere and on Friday I have found it. Well, the idea came out of blue. Want to know? Keep reading.;)

My focus is to give the best ways to the individual who feel like they want to end their own life. In most cases in Malaysia, the victims (students) always use the most recent method of suicide i.e. jumping from higher places whether jumping from the bridge (most likely on Penang bridge which is my hometown~shame), from higher floor or from the chair (hanging themselves).

Thus, I have been's it feel jumping from high places? Why they chose that method? Remember about my previous post mentioning about my feeling when I look down from my friend's apartment? The desire to jump was bubbling in my mind. Juz to experience it. I didn't know why I have that feeling. Is it me alone, or everyone has the same desire? On the train when I was on my way home, when I crossed the coach, I looked out from the door. I felt the desire to jump from the train. Weird...huhu.

"I juz can't ignore this feeling" what the lyric in this blog's song, so I have been thinking the best way to experience the feeling of commiting suicide so that I understand how the victims feel. I have made a speculation that the suicide's victim actually do not want to end their life. I mean, they actually want to end their feeling of depress only. By jumping and smashing their brain, they would feel depressless. However, Allah juz gave one body for each soul. Thus, the moment your soul gone out from your smashed body, you cannot find another body to reside. So, you remain as a regret soul hunting other people. (opss...out of topic...what am I talking about?)

Back to the topic, so, last Friday, when I was leisuring myself in the room, my friend came and told me she wanted to go to Times Square. Without hesitating myself, I was offering myself to follow since I was in a depress state (konon...). Actually I wanted to test my Touch n Go card. What a go! I was thinking the best way to end my depression.

At this point, the moment I saw the Cosmo's World Theme Park, theres a spark in my eyes...glittering. I have found the best way to commit suicide (end my depression). P/s: I am not an atheis so religion is the utmost solution, but here's I was trying to understand and to give the best way for the risky suicide victims (mostly lack of religion understanding) so they can try this first and then think twice before they become regreted souls.

In order to experience how's it feel to jump from higher place, me and my friends tested the games. However, my friends only manage to ride only three before sloping like drunkers in the seats provided. Me? I have a go for a roaler coaster riding. Thats the climax before I got down from the roaler coaster, walked in a zigzag way, empty stomach whirling upside down, head spinning like a top and the colour of my face paled like a ghost. I composed myself and head to the refreshment counter in order to stabilize the feeling of vomitting. Bought a fresh orange juice ( Twister??) which really twist my stomach and felt like vomitting. Oh no...

I headed to the ladies and stand for about 10 minutes in front of the toilet door without anything coming out of my stomach. Wek...

Okay, enough with the sick feeling. So, what I want to highlight here as a matter of fact, if you want to end your depression by commiting suicide, I suggest you to go to this place first. Experience how you are being thrown into the air with the highest speed and please do not close your eyes which I didn't do, and you will know how hopeless you are. The moment your body lift out from the seat and only depends on the thing in front of you to support your body, this will give chances for you to think whether you really want to end your life in that kind of way (jumping from higher places). Well, at least you still have got your body when you get down from the seat though your body felt out of order in a while. How you turn upside down...hanging in the air...looking at the floor below..wooo..I already felt sick right now.

Thinking back, rationally, depend fully to God is the best solution. No other way round. Taking one's soul is God's right. Not you, not me, and nobody. He created us, and He knows what best for us. Strengthen your religion understanding and your mind will be free from stress and depression. Remember, every clouds has silver lining. Now, the desire to jump from higher places whenever I look down have dissappeared after experiencing the Cosmo's World Theme Park. Now, I know what it feels if we jump from higher places. Thanks Allah for giving me way to solve my inquiries.

P/s: To know the other ways to overcome suicide cases please visit

P/s/s: I am not taking any responsibility for those who work out my suggestion. It is just a suggestion and not academically or medically approve by any established organization or professionals in dealing with suicide cases. Your business is your own responsibility.:)

P/s/s/s: "Men sana incorpore sano"

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How To Determine on Way to Overcome The Suicide Among University's Student in Malaysia.

Result of commit suicide.


There are few picture of effect commit suicide. Suicide is worth, its not only make someone surfering from it. It also make people around them sad and suffering too. Now, i will talk about how to determine on ways to overcome the suicide among university's student in Malaysia.

First, public health programs are an important aspect of the prevention of suicide. Education campaigns can be used to increase knowledge and to change people's attitudes, beliefs, and values about suicide, and about people who may have attempted suicide. People may have distorted ideas about suicidal persons. For example, it is a myth that people who commit suicide never talk about it first. Most people provide important warning signs that can help to reduce the risk of suicide.

Health education can be combined with counseling or support programs. These programs can be provided by trained public health professionals or by peer counselors. For example, teenagers can be trained to provide counseling and support for other teens. Suicide awareness or prevention programs can be delivered in a variety of settings such as schools, churches, or in the community as a whole. They can also be delivered in psychiatric settings.

Besides that, a aspect of the prevention of suicide lies in judging or assessing a person'risk for suicide. Public health professionals such as nurses or doctors can help to prevent completed suicides by identifying people who may be thinking about or planning to try to commit suicide. they also provide support through crisis or suicide-prevention counseling. (

In my speculation, patient of suicide need treatment to get them can reaction back with their own life. They needed their family to support them through a various of challenge in life. without support from anyone will make easier to them suicidal.

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After reading our discussion on factors of suicide, I discovered we have made a mistake here. We were not giving the factors of suicide from Social Sciences' view. There were differences there between Social Sciences and Pure Sciences' view. Hmm...For example, we cannot take mental disorder or schizophrenia as a factor though it is correct that schizophrenia can cause suicide attempt, mental germ and so on.

Thus, I made a further research through articles in the internet and heres the link ( Its said that suicide is the cause from lack of religious understanding. If we do not have strong hold on our religion, we can quit our life easily once we encounter with many hardship. Well, that is point number one.

Number two, as we all agree stress or depression can contribute to suicide attempt. The question is, what are the factors that contribute to stress or depression? Here comes the mix answer between Social Sciences and Pure Science. Some said mental germ, schizophrenia, and so on. However, from Social Sciences' view, factors contribute to stress that cause suicide might be lack of moral support, social and educational disadvantage, childhood and family adversity and others. If you view this link:

I am not sure whether I have explained it clearly or not. As a conclusion, factors of suicide attempt will be from the feeling of depression and weak hold of ones religion.

To end this post, I would like to share a little bit about whats on my mind. Lask week, I went to my peer's apartment. When I entered her house, the first thing I saw was the view of the city from high place. Can you all guess my feeling when I look down from the window. I was thinking at that time, what was the feeling of jumping from this kind of high? But of course I dont have 9 souls. If not, I would like to have a try in order to feel what it was like to commit suicide. One question here, what stop me from jumping? or if I hold a knife in my hand, what hold me from cutting my flesh? The best answer would be my religious understanding and I am not in a depression. Thus, you can imagine right person in a hopeless state. Poor them. I still want to enjoy this life and meet new things and of course, I still love you all.
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For our next assignment given by our beloved English lecturer,Dr Zaini Amir,Ayu has choose to find the mysterious history of Taj Mahal,Yen has choose to know the truth of some speculations about the construction of Taj Mahal and Liza choose to know how to go there,to see it truly in front of her eyes and explore it by own self..Roll

Before we proceed to some of the information about how to go there,we want to add some information about the history of the Taj Mahal.

On July 7, 2007,the Swiss corporation New7Wonders Foundation has announced that Taj Mahal is one of the New 7 Wonders of The World..

Here are some bare facts associated with it. It took around twenty years for around 20,000 laborers to accomplish this task. This large force of architects and engineers worked upon it with full dedication. The stones which were used to construct the monument were brought from Sri Lanka and Tibet. Another interesting fact about this monument is that the inspiration of Taj was taken from the Humayun's tomb which is situated in Delhi( The Taj Mahal is generally considered the finest example of Mughal architecture, a style that combines elements of Persian, Turkish, Indian, and Islamic architectural styles(

Ok..Now,we proceed to Liza main point:How to go there?

We got these information from the article written by cashmer

"A trip to this beautiful monument will give you a lifetime experience and would leave with you many cherished long lasting memories. The visitors to Taj can admire its beauty also during the moonlight as it looks the most striking at that time

Getting here is relatively easy. You fly into India to Delhi. Then take a cab or train to Agra. Three hours by train and about four by cab. If you start out early morning, you will be there by mid day. Take a look around. It will not take more than a couple of hours and drive back to Delhi in the evening. If you want to take in the fort and other local sites you can spend the night and do sightseeing and leather goods shopping at Sadar Bazaar as well."

We already have the informations to go there when we arrive India.It is useless if we do not use our knowledge..So,we hope we can go there and experiencing it by our self. Here,we put some of the interesting pictures of Taj Mahal as our motivation to go there..InsyaAllah..
Bounce Taj Mahal Birdseyeview Taj Mahal Front View West Side door of The Taj Mahal(The carving marble is exquisite) Taj Mahal Calligraphy These panels run all along

Ok..that's all..We got the pictures from the link
( ..We hope with these informations of Taj Mahal,will attract people to know more about one of The 7 Wonders of Modern World.That's all..Thank You.. Smile

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