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With Allah's love
Assalamu'alykum dear readers

It's been years since the last entry right? I guess I started to miss the old days when I had lots to share. Right now, let's just have a warm cup of hot choc and talk about love and tales, shall we? ^^

Ehemm.. last month, I was an addict to these series and it really killing me because I have to wait for the next season to be completed before downloading. (sorry but that's my only choice)

The first series that captures my attention:
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~ Once Upon A Time ~

I'm not sure where I saw this but I fell immediately for the series. It's something I had been thinking all along. Plus, I really like The Evil Queen rather than Snow White in this one. Snow White's characteristics somehow irrelevant. And how Rumpelstiltskin meddle things around. haha. Such a twist for childhood tales. It's crime in tales, I shall say. Crimes we never expected from children's pure, innocent good characters. And now they are airing the 3rd Season. (Gosh, oh gosh!!)

The second series:

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~ Revenge ~

I just found out about this one last two or three months, not sure. This one, nothing interested but some things that been keeping me to watch it are the end of Emily's vengeance, the side Victoria will choose, and what's the price for Jack and Charlotte's happiness. Other than that, it's just a series of the sick life of rich people (make me sick and skip some of the scenes). This one, it's just simply crimes in love which all of us doubting in real life that never really happen. haha. It's Season 3 now and like always, I'll just wait till it completes. ^_~

Now, the third one is:

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~ Person of Interest ~

And, this one, I found it accidentally when searching for Revenge's 2nd season. The plot, is the one that captured my attention. For action, I shall say this one isn't the best. In the end, it's simply crimes in justice. Ya know, I shall say, one of the episode is a plagiarism from Hajime Kindaichi's art of crime. It was shocking but then, nothing I could do, right? I'm just a fan of Kanari-sensei and Satou-sensei's arts. *sigh* Such a disappointment. Pssstt, I hate to say this, but I just hate it when John's talking and acting like a spy, didn't even look at other people he's talking to. Sometimes he looks like a blind man. But, I look forward in his relationship with Zoe. And, I'm waiting for Finch to kill Root. And, I'm wondering, when will be the time for William (Ingram's son) joining Finch and John in their missions. Well, I guess we just have to wait for the 3rd season. ^^


So, you see. There's one similarity I saw in these three series.
Yeah, I know. Some of you would say I'm being a paranoid. But, well, no one's gonna hurt or die if I believe in this. Because I watched every single episode and I saw it too many times in these series. As for in Once Upon A Time (OUAT), we can see it in the dark power as usual, the culture and way of controlled life, and also in the characteristics. And for Revenge, I don't have to list it. So many signs you can see such as the towers, the fashion, and also the life style. Lastly in Person of Interest (POI), it's just the same. Secret mission, saving people secretly, the person they saved, the plot itself. It's a lot, and I believe you will spot it at least one or two when you watch them for the first time. I found this one ( just now. I guess I'm not the only one seeing things huh. Oh and by the way, my room mate saw them too when we watched Revenge and POI together.

You know, actually I do mind when they said people who's being alert with all this stuff are paranoid but as a Muslim, in this challenging world, you have to have the suspicion because that's one of the way you can prevent yourself from joining them, nauzubillah. Why? Because you won't notice how this thing effecting our society. I don't say you have to watch all the movies, films, series or whatever it is, I'm just saying because we're living in the media century. We should have some information to make sure we know the right and wrong. Well, at least just to make sure we and our family are not becoming one of them without realising it. To be truth, Revenge and POI are just some random series like Bones, CSI, House or Drop Dead Diva but I had no doubt why are these series so famous? heh. Think it yourself, dearie. OUAT? I had no doubt it does have something worth it to gain the popularity. Catchy.

So.. I hope this comeback entry really worth our hot choc, dearie. InsyaAllah, I'll come back more often to share something with all of you. Dewa, mataneh.

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