Wednesday, 20 January 2010


Wow!!great opinions from my friends..thank you for your responds.Here,I will add some information about the rate of suicide..

First of all,after discussing with my friends,we agreed with my opinion that male contribute more to suicide cases than female especially men who has married..The fact about this case is:"out of the 113 suicides reported in the second half of the year(2007), 82 were men, of whom 41 were married", the official Bernama news agency said, citing figures from the National Suicide Registry.The remaining 31 cases were committed by women, nine of whom were married(

In our previous post about the student died in Pendeta Za'ba College because of contribute suicide,there has been speculation said that she was chased by her imaginary monster. Besides that, many students assume this student stress about her life in campus.

Then,about the rates from Yeen and Ayu, I agree with them. Both rates are accepted and we will put that facts in our assignment.

So, we had finished discussed about the first research question of our project. After this, Ayu will proceed for the second research question.

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