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Now, lets continue with our next research question. What are the factors related to suicide behaviour among university's students? As we can see from the picture above, we can make a speculation that it is the work of our own brain that contribute to suicide action. It is our own brain that we control who create this famous factor of suicide, i.e. STRESS.

From the WHO statistic, it is recorded that stress or depression is in the eighth place among ten important diseases. Stress can lead to mental illness. Among university's students, there are always factors among them that can lead to mental illness. According to Minister of Health, Chua Soi Lek, the factors to mental illness are surrounding, psychology, biology like chronic diseases, stress, lack of rest, unbalanced diet, and socio-economic.

For example, a UM's student, a Chinese girl, commited suicide by jumping from the 16th floor of her condo. She was a seventh semester Science's student. It has been said that she was looking for a job in Genting. She had been sacked from the college and had not register for her next semester. From here, we can make a speculation that she was facing a hard time in her life and seem could not cope up with the harsh time. Thus, she had made a decision to end her life.

Last but not least, from my point of view, I can conclude here that it is the work of our own brain that contributed to stress. Furthermore, lack of support from trusted individuals also made students felt hopeless. These feeling of hopeless and loneliness in handling one's own problem can really bring individuals to make a regretable decision in a lifetime. So, what say you my dear friends?

To read more about the factors of suicide, you can go to this web (

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zainie said...

Dear Ayu, Liza and Azreen, an interesting topic and creative layout in your blog. Keep it up - good work!

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Dear Dr.Zainie,
Thanks for your compliment. We will try to keep up the good work. Thanks again. Really appreciat it.

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