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As to response to the post made by Liza, I agree that despite a surging economy and promise of a brighter future, the number of people killing themselves has surged especially university's students. In the research made by WHO, suicide is the third cause of death for those who age among 15-34 years old which include university's students.

About the College Za'ba's student who commited suicide, there had been a speculation saying that the student was being chased by an Indonesian worker. Some of the students admitted they heard more than one person running footsteps along the corridor before the incident. Who knows what really happen?

If we follow this link
( the suicide rates in 2006 shows increement compare to 1960. It is estimated 20-30 people among 100 000 people commited suicide in this country.

In a speech made by YB Dato' Dr Chua Soi Lek, Ministry of Health in the Mental Health Seminar, he said there are differences between the rates of suicide among races in Malaysia. It is reported that the highest suicide rates are among the Indian, then followed by Chinese and Malay.

However, I disagree with Liza about the fact that young male are much more likely to commit suicide. In my opinion, if we consider the suicide cases among university's students, female students are likely to commit suicide. There are two cases which involved UKM and UM's students last year. Both of them are female. In the National Morbidity 2006 also said that women are likely to commit suicide trial compared to men. Thats all for now.

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