Friday, 1 January 2010


(3.30 a.m)
Last night, when everybody might get interested in watching fireworks, I grabbed the opportunity to wait and watch the half moon eclipse at 3.24 a.m. I waited and waited, but I couldnt see the moon as the cloud covered it. But I would not blame the cloud because cloud bring rain and I love rain. So, I stayed motionless waiting for the eclipse to happen.

At about 3.30 or something, the cloud shifted and I could see the moon. See that in the picture above? Well, that was still early of the phenomenon. Thus, I waited for a little while. My roommate also got up, but she headed to the toilet instead making an inquiries. She always ignored what I was up to. Chill out Wani!

When the moon was really got between the sun and the earth, the phenomenon was absurd! Subhanallah.It was my first time seeing this phenomenon and only Allah knew the feeling that surrounded me. I recorded it in the digi-cam. I went to the fourth floor to get a better view but then ran back to my room barefooted because of the weird noise that the store made. Huhu...what a chicken.

(during the eclipse)

~Al-islamu ya'lu wala yu'la 'alaih~
~ Creating ideas for lives ~


naimah27 said...

salam'alaik. weh, adik, org tak ingat nk tgk gerhana bulan tu. dah lama tak online.. awat u tak remind me? huhu..anyway, thanks sbb sudi kongsi pengalaman u beserta gambar gerhananya skali..dpek jgk den tgk skit apo yg berlaku ee..=)

cleo (クレオ) said...

salam, please read carefully who's the author..thanx...

p/s: its been a very long time since i posted in LR.

naimah27 said...

wokey2..ayu wrote didnt notice about it..sorry r,k?..hee

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