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As I was flipping through pages of unread notes, I thought of sharing something in this blog. I have been thinking bout it lately and I think it will be no harm if I share it with all of you. Have you ever heard about mutual understanding or happen to discuss about it? I find it interesting to be shared here since there's a lot of incident occured to me that can be related to mutual understanding.

What is mutual understanding anyhow? Mutual understanding is feeling that two or more people have for each other equally (Oxford Dic). Mutual understanding occur when two or more people having likemindedness (having similar ideas and interests).
Well, our likemindedness will only be known if we sit together and discuss something or we simply agree with a person's ideas. Right? However, the question is, what if the likemindedness occur when we least expect it? I mean, we never sit with someone or share that person's idea but we simply have the same thinking and what makes me wonder is, it happen at the same time but we are not with the person. In fact, the person is far from our reach and of course we have not discuss bout the things with the person.

Well, it happened to me. One day, when I was discussing something with my roommate, I opened someone's blog and the blogger was sharing the same thing that I have just discussed with my roommate. It is not the first time if you all say I am juz being a paranoid and the thing is, it was not a current issue. Not at all and the topic was unpopular. I said that it was not the first time because before this, that thing happened to me and guess what? It was with the same person, the blogger. But it was not in the blog. The blogger was delivering a speech and the issue was the same thing that had being played in my mind that day. That what startled me and make me confused. It happen to be the blogger's ideas came across my mind at the same time. For example, when I was talking to my roommate, certain words that were not related to what we were discussing came through my mouth because it came across my mind in a sudden. Then, I asked my roommate. Why am I talking bout this? Then, I opened the blog and for real the blogger's post that same thing I had just said. Isnt dat ridiculous? But its really happen. Thus, I start thinking back the previous incident. Ok, those what I have found out by Allah's will of course, but what about the other times? How can this kind of likemindedness in an instant occur? If it happens to me, it might have happen to everybody else. It just that we notice it or not.

I think, too much watching the X-Files had influence me into thinking about some weird stuff. However, is it weird? I think there are explanations about this phenomenon. Wow, I am using the word phenomenon. Well, if we can transfer our ideas through mind, there's a lot of things we can do. In exam probably. Hihi. Honestly, I dont know how to make it. It just happen. How can the blogger's wave of thinking reach me? In what sense we are related? I would have believed if it twins or our parents, but strangers? Except that we are Muslim and as Muslim, we all have that likemindedness. It just we are too ignorance to clean our heart and mind and keep blacking our heart and mind with sins. Thus, we cannot see our connection.

Aaaa!....I remember a story told by an ustaz. Can't remember which one, he told me that one of Rasulullah's companion ( I cant remember who), he can see the image of the battlefield when in reality he was in the mosque and he gave direction to the commander through his mind. MasyaAllah! Allahuakbar! Now, I have sort the puzzle here. Alhamdulillah...:) Allah The Almighty had giventh me the inspiration. If I have found the full story, I will post it here. InsyaAllah.

As the case with me, if it work with me, then it might have been a common things to us Muslim as brotherhood. Isn't that fabulous? We don't need the Facebook anymore and our agenda is totally seal from outsiders. Who's the blogger that I had mentioned just now? let it remains as secret. I am not thinking we are destined to be together as some of us who always remark mutual understanding as reason to be together. In fact, we are all already together as brotherhood in Islam. We all have the same mutual understanding from the very beginning. It's just we have to work hard to preserve it and strengthen it. Clear your mind and heart from sins step by step. If you cant wash them away, do not keep them. People said 'mens sana in corpore sano'- healthy mind come from healthy body.

Lastly, I want to tell that my question has been answered here. Lets see if the blogger also posting anything that relate to the issue here or the blogger will post the story bout the companion that can vision the battlefield. Hope so. I am transferring my signal to the blogger.

Al-islamu ya'lu wala yu'la 'alaih

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