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Have you all ever heard about the legendary story behind the building of Taj Mahal by Syah Jehan? I think all of us know it is all based on the true love of Syah Jehan to his wife Mumtaz. In order to proof his true affection, he hired hundred of professional architects to create and design the Taj Mahal according to his desire. Thus, Taj Mahal had become one of the Wonder of the World until now.

Why we chose Taj Mahal among the seven?

First, we want to describe this famous symbol of love. How the story behind this ancient Taj Mahal affects the Indian way of life. Indian really worship love until most of their works were based on love. This phenomenon really attracts us to talk about Taj Mahal. It is not just the awe of the creation but also the affection that the Taj Mahal brings to the Indian culture. We can see India has created many love stories from the poems and their film productions a.k.a Bollywood. Bollywood has come out with abundance of love stories and become a phenomenon to the entire world including Malaysia. Furthermore, their artists also have the echanted beauty that captivated many eyes. Back to the Taj Mahal, the unique architecture of Taj Mahal become the world's most largest visited place of tourism. It is one of the India's famous monument. We have been dreaming we can go and experience the culture by ourself.

Second, for your information, tourist cannot bring any video cam or camera inside the building. Why? Because they want to preserve the mystery inside the building. Thus, everyone will have to go there and experience it by their ownself. Here, we see Taj Mahal not just a symbol of love but also a mysterious place to be discovered.

However, the wonderful story could not stop us from revealing the real story behind this passionate love of a man to his wife. This will be the third reason why we chose Taj Mahal. Behind the pure love, there have been many speculations saying that after the building of Taj Mahal, Syah Jehan had blinded and cut the professional architects of Taj Mahal in order to avoid them from using their skills. In an easy word, he dislike duplication of creations. He just wanted the design exclusive to his dead wife. This is inhumane. Afterall, he was the Sultan of his own country. Because of his cruelty, history has written that he has been prisoned by his own son and the window of the prison face the Taj Mahal .Do you think he deserved that? Well...

Okay, we leave the bad story behind by taking the moral values from this wonder of the world. First, love your love one truly. Second, love others as you love yourself. Lastly, preserved the cultural heritage of your country.

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Hana_aniz said...

ko tau psl citer taj mahal ni??

ayu said...

erk...what kind of story you want to hear? The good one or the bad one? The love or the mysterious side?

cleo (クレオ) said...

for now, tell me about the mysterious side, please.. :)

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