Saturday, 20 February 2010

How To Determine on Way to Overcome The Suicide Among University's Student in Malaysia.

Result of commit suicide.


There are few picture of effect commit suicide. Suicide is worth, its not only make someone surfering from it. It also make people around them sad and suffering too. Now, i will talk about how to determine on ways to overcome the suicide among university's student in Malaysia.

First, public health programs are an important aspect of the prevention of suicide. Education campaigns can be used to increase knowledge and to change people's attitudes, beliefs, and values about suicide, and about people who may have attempted suicide. People may have distorted ideas about suicidal persons. For example, it is a myth that people who commit suicide never talk about it first. Most people provide important warning signs that can help to reduce the risk of suicide.

Health education can be combined with counseling or support programs. These programs can be provided by trained public health professionals or by peer counselors. For example, teenagers can be trained to provide counseling and support for other teens. Suicide awareness or prevention programs can be delivered in a variety of settings such as schools, churches, or in the community as a whole. They can also be delivered in psychiatric settings.

Besides that, a aspect of the prevention of suicide lies in judging or assessing a person'risk for suicide. Public health professionals such as nurses or doctors can help to prevent completed suicides by identifying people who may be thinking about or planning to try to commit suicide. they also provide support through crisis or suicide-prevention counseling. (

In my speculation, patient of suicide need treatment to get them can reaction back with their own life. They needed their family to support them through a various of challenge in life. without support from anyone will make easier to them suicidal.

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