Wednesday, 18 May 2016

..:[ Akame Ga Kill! - Review ]:..

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Dear my dear. I'd just finished Akame Ga Kill! My rate would be 2 stars.

Well, it might be a 3 star or 4, if the characters would remain alive till the end. Or some of the names did not remind me of some Malay names and culture, or not too many "unnecessary" scenes. Or maybe some of it did not remind me of Naruto. Actually, each episode reminds me of Naruto, in some other realm. It's kinda bothering me.

But still, I had fun for the fighting scenes. Especially when Akame and Esdeath use their swords and secret techniques.

And the plot. Considering it's a short series, the plot might be a bit rushing and there's not much conspiracy like in Code Geass even though the characters were only a few.

Well, maybe I had a very high expectation when I watched the first episode. And, you don't need a single piece of tissue for this one even if there're some lovely characters died unexpectedly. So, that's all. My next move would be the novel. See ya!

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