Thursday, 20 January 2011


For being one of the very close person Ive ever had

For the very bond that exist between us

For the very beginning of our friendship

For the hardship that we have gone through in order to realize the ukhuwahfillah

For always be there with me when I need you

For never treat me like I am nothing to you

For never scold me even once this past 9 years of our relation

your patience in handling my emotion was miracle

For always making me peaceful when I am with you

You are Allah precious gift for me apart of my Prophet and my parents

Now that you will be sharing your whole life with someone new to you

an outsider he is yet willing to be with you and guide you, insyaAllah

I will be very happy that you had chose the right person, insyaAllah

not that my blessing is a big concern

but my tranquility in seeing you both will unite in near period

will continue my prayer for your happiness in this world and hereafter

But above all...


"ya Allah, aku sayang sahabatku ini dan kutahu Kau lebih menyayanginya...

Tetapkanlah imannya dalam Islam dan jadikanlah dia isteri yang solehah buat seorang mujahid

dan ibu yang mithali untuk bakal mujahid dan mujahidah Islam"

Amin ya Rabbal a'lamin

Dedikasi khas buat Munirah Mohd Rosali

~Al-islamu ya'lu wala yu'la 'alaih~

~ Creating ideas for lives ~

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