Thursday, 11 March 2010

Conclusion To Our Research Question 3

Wow!!, a great opinion, statemant and review from my group mate. liza and Ayu, your work to overview my research question is good to me, i'm appreciate of that. Thank you so much. I'm also agreed with your all opinion that many way can overcome suicide among student.

Here i brought us one melody about suicide. From this song i made conclusion that people's who might suicide is lonely person. They don't have supporter in their life that help them working well on live.

"...My life is over
My death must occur
There is no hope
My heart is torn apart
My tears overflowing
How can I live ?
How can I die ?
How can I leave ?
Will I know that I've hurt them ?
Will I know how they feel ?
I feel sorrow for them
I feel sorrow for me..."

Poetry Excerpts From Depression And Thoughts Of Suicide; From Crisis To Cured, by Melody Clark

This song will haunted everybody who had trying to kill them self without thinking clearly. If someone says, I'm gonna to commit suicide", "I want to end it up or I want kill my self", what should we do?. thinking of that, we can't even ignored these statements. They might be words seeking for our help to get them out of the suicidal nightmare. So as a community we should care and alert about it.

In my opinion, people or student who make suicide is a lonely person. They don't have many friend and always to avoid near to society. However, we can't let them feel alone because they're struggling hard during that time. They're feeling extremely painful and depressed. Helping them change their life by cultivating positive values either via religious practice or in any forms that might help as Ayu says in her post.

Next, identify what they're struggling at, and be there ready to coach them, guide them, support them and teach them how to overcome their stressed and painful life. Teachers, counselors, school counselors, physicians, parents or even friends can all play a significant role to offer troubled, depresses and isolated people a place to go for reassurance.They should always be there to support to help what they need, but most importantly, to get them immiadiate attention to stop their negative thoughts from stirring up their desires to kill.

Based on research question, the best way to overcome suicide should be don't prejudice or discriminate them. But in a loving and non-prejudice way,we should share our concern with them. Besides that, tell them that how we are worried about them and encourage them to open up about what they're experiencing. we also must be patient to deal with them by believing that thing can change.

There have many reason why people making suicide that we are don't know about it, so we should think in their situation as a way to help them.

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